Pervez Mody plays Scriabin

Pervez Mody has been intensively studying and playing the music of Alexander Scriabin since many years. He has a deep connection to this Music and is regarded as a very special Scriabin interpreter.

He is presently recording the complete piano music of this brilliant composer with the label Thorofon.

Commenting on the 3 CDs of "Pervez Mody plays Scriabin" experts classified him to be one of the finest Scriabin interpreters of our time.

Several magazines and radio stations discussed the recordings, held talks with Pervez Mody as a special Scriabin interpreter and broadcast works from the CDs regularly.

Also Mrs. Martha Argerich and the swiss musicologist and author of the book "Alexander Scriabin and his music" Mr. Sigfried Schibli appreciated Pervez Mody as a great Scriabin interpreter.

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Radio SRF2 Kultur "Concerto" vom 27.05.2014 : "Pervez Mody spielt nicht nur Skrjabin"

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Radio SRF2 Kultur "Concerto" vom 27.05.2014

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